“What Improves?” by Gregor Erdmann

“We certainly do not become physically stronger to the same extent that our Aikido improves. Sure, during the early days we may see some increase in physical bulk as our bodies become accustomed to taking ukemi and receiving the impact of kicks and punches, however not inline with our abilities to throw those bigger than ourselves. So what is it within ourselves that improves?

Through the evasion and redirection of forces from partners far stronger than us, we soon discover that strength is useless without a reference point. By connecting strongly to the ground, we are able to exert tremendous amounts of ‘useful’ force, and reduce wasted energy. Improvements in posture and alignment can maximise our connection to the Earth, and tap into our body’s potential energy enabling us to produce far more power than normally possible.”

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  1. What I’ve been saying recently is “let the attack fully express itself, then help it along the same track a little more…” (getting out of its way is sort of assumed)

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