“Holding with Ki” by by Shinichi Tohei

“Tohei Koichi Sensei has instructed many professional baseball players. One of them is Mr. Sadaharu Oh, who belonged to the Yomiuri Giants.

Mr. Oh entered the Giants team with great expectations for his performance. However, the results of his first year were not good and occasionally he was criticized severely as the “Strike out king”.

Through various connections, Mr. Oh met Tohei Koichi Sensei in his second year and thereafter he studied with Tohei Koichi Sensei throughout his active career.

As a result, and through his own tremendous effort, he became the person who was called as “The world homerun king”.”

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  1. Was never particularly good at baseball. Still am not. Something about my eyes. Gets in the way of archery and shotgun, too. But I rarely strike out any more. Once upon a time the Aikido Institute was on a picnic. We had a pick-up softball game in the park with some other folks. Don’t remember who won, but most everybody was able to hit the ball.

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