“Real Combat is Raw” by from lowtechcombat.com

“Real combat on the streets today is different from combat on the battlefields of today, as has been discussed in my post What is Low Tech Combat? Combat on the battlefields of today involves ‘high tech’ weaponry and equipment.

‘High Tech’ combat on the modern battlefield is mostly (although not always) conducted at a distance where two opposing combatants are away from each other. There is space between them. They are not touching each other in any way. Sure, there may be grenades being thrown at the extreme but there is no contact. Again, not always, but mostly. By far.”

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  1. There was a good exploration of modern infantry combat in Naval Institute Proceedings a couple months ago. The title was something like “Where Marines Can Be Marines” and involved clearing a fort in Afghanistan. Pretty “up close and personal”, though firepower ruled even at that range.

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