“Tales of the Hermit Volume I: The Castle in the Rain and The Judge ” by Oscar Ratti and Adele Westbrook

“Oscar Ratti and Adele Westbrook are the authors of two classic illustrated books that have never been out of print since their initial publications, and that are currently available worldwide in multiple foreign-language editions: Secrets of the Samurai and Aikido and the Dynamic Sphere. They are also the translators of Tacuinum Sanitatis: The Medieval Health Handbook.

They met at Columbia University, where Mr. Ratti was doing graduate work in Classical Languages and Literature and Ms. Westbrook was studying Philosophy.

Mr. Ratti’s interest in the various dimensions of human beings in conflict began in Italy when he was still in his teens and continued while he pursued his studies in Law at the Universities of Genoa and Naples. Afterward, when he came to the United States, he deepened his exploration of dynamic graphic expressions of such conflicts, while expanding his research into the historical and philosophical evolution of both the East and the West. He then began to concentrate on the integration of text and images in both technical and literary publications.

Ms. Westbrook worked first at a major international advertising agency, and then moved into book publishing, where her forte has been developing the text and illustration material for a variety of art and other illustrated book subjects, through close association with authors, individual artists, and photographers, as well as with museums and other cultural institutions.

Mr. Ratti and Ms. Westbrook are working together on future volumes in the Tales of the Hermit Series, as well as on other titles. ”

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  1. Enjoyed both “Secrets” and “The Dynamic Sphere” years ago. The illustrations were memorable. Tried to learn jo by following them before I even formally studied aikido.

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