How to find things at Aikido Journal

A reader wrote in recently asking if we could index the video clips in our archives to make it easier to find a specific clip. If we were to approach things that way, the solution to this problem would involve the allocation of resources in the form of programming to provide this capability.

The difficulty with creating a proprietary solution for a feature such as this is not simply that a programer’s services would be required. The more complexity that is introduced into the website, the more difficult it becomes to maintain it and make later changes. Also, sometimes when new features are added, especially of an ad hoc nature, something elsewhere in a website can break creating sort of a domino effect.

It turns out that there is a very simple way to quickly find a video clip–and a lot more–on our website using the Google local search function provided for your convenience. To try out an example, go the the front page and, in the Google search window, type “Hiroshi Tada video clip.” Google will return various hits and it turns out the 4th and 7th hits contain links to two clips of Tada Sensei available in our archives.

Now let’s say that I want to find information on Gozo Shioda Sensei available on our website. This time I input in the Google search window: “Gozo Shioda article” and a long list of articles and interviews containing mention of Shioda Sensei appears.

For our third example, assume I wanted to find information on training in Japan that has been posted in the Aikido Journal forums. Here is what I would input into the Google search window: “forums training in Japan.” This returns many positive hits most of which are to be found in the Aikido Journal forums.

We recommend that you start using this very powerful search function to quickly find specific information in the mountain of data contained on the aikidojournal.com website. Google has done a far better job that we could do with their virtually limitless resources, all for free!

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