“Is aikido a soft martial art?” by Zolley

“Many people criticise aikido for being too soft (and many love it just because of that). Others watch Steven Seagal films and say that aikido is brutal (and many would love to start aikido because of that). Now, is it soft or hard?

I left out something from the introductory lines above: There is a third group of people who try to understand the duality of softness and hardness. I consider myself a member of this group as I think that if many people emphasize softness and many others prefer hardness then probably both groups have some point. I think aikido can be both soft and hard, not rarely at the same time.”

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  1. …my inspiration at this point is that if you find the really correct path of a technique it cannot be resisted. it goes through a skeleto-muscular blindspot, ki, if you must. it won’t be painful, especially, until uke hits the ground. uke will hit the ground pretty hard, too, if they were expecting to resist through the pain.

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