“An Interview with Hayato Osawa, 7th Dan” by David Halprin and Walter Van Enck

From AikidoOnline.com:

“I was eight years old. It was second grade in elementary school that I took a membership at Hombu Dojo. At the time there wasn’t a kid’s class at Hombu so I was going to have to practice with the adult members. My dad thought that I might be a burden to the adults, so a year before I was to join, my father took over our eight tatami room and we practiced basic techniques at home. Ikkyo waza, shihonage; just the two of us practicing at home for the year before I was actually signed up at Hombu. The memory of practice at home with my father is still vivid to me even though I am not sure if I can call that practice proper training or keiko. Even when I did join the dojo membership, I was so young that I felt that I was going to the dojo to play but with a little bit of Aikido thrown in. Nonetheless, I can say that my training started around that time, and that I joined Hombu when I was eight years old.”

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  1. I very much enjoyed reading the interview of Hayato Osawa Sensei. In the late 70’s/early 80’s I trained along side Osawa sensei as we both practiced in his father’s as well as in Doshu Kisshomaru’s classes at Hombu Dojo. Among the young Hombu apprentice’s, it was not uncommon for spirited practice to turn into brawls. Sensitive egos were usually the culprit. I must say that the young Hayato Osawa practiced very hard but was always a gentleman. No cheap shots, always letting go when his practice partner tapped. He understood the give-and-take of practice and took good ukemi from his practice partners. He was also an outstanding uke for Doshu Kisshomaru. I also remember that even as a very young apprentice, he had very clean, strong technique. I think that it says a lot about Hombu Dojo that today he is in a position of high authority.

  2. Minh Pham says:

    It seems that the link at the end of the article doesn’t work anymore.

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