“A Good Student” by Gregor Erdmann

“The Dojo dynamic is driven by interaction between teacher to student and student to student. These relationships are quite unique, but not independent from each other.

On an individual level each teacher student interaction is different, however I believe that there are certain things expected by a good student. Obviously showing respect and attentiveness encourages the teacher to give more and raises the receptive attitude in the Dojo. These are covered by the etiquette and rules that any senior student can explain to you.”

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  1. Brandon Clapp says:

    This is a great read. Good stuff!

  2. Good article.
    It definitely encourages personal growth within the framework of loyalty towards the sensei and the ryu.
    There still is a lot of misconception about how individual growth and freedom apply to a set framework of tradition and teaching.
    Westerners and Asians tend to drift apart in the way they look at this.
    Seeing the entire question as one dynamic aspect of personal relationship between student and sensei makes a lot of sense.
    We need more of this.

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