“What is Ki?” by Dunken Francis

“One of the questions that gets discussed probably more than any other in Aikido. The Various styles of Aikido (Akikai, Iwama, Ki, Yoshinkai, Tomiki etc etc) all have there own slants on the nature of this mysterious, omniprescence force, and this is one discussion that, by it’s very nature, will remain endless, rather like Ki itself.”

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  1. Bruce Baker says:

    I rather tired of these Ki discussions because …. It is just like watching an athelete who has learned where the sweet spot is for their performance, but trying to tell a novice how they do what they do is light-years beyond where they are at that moment in their training.

    We can all learn how to do the most basic of Aikido, or most basic practices of just about any martial art practice, but only a few of us will figure out how to bring together the forces of the world around us, the manipulation of our body, the control of our mind to enhance the forces we muster within our body to enhance the movements/ forces of the world around us, which is in fact a living world, so we can grasp a superior method of Aikido practice.

    Our tiny little minds are unable to grasp these forces so we make up words, we make up ideas, and we endlessly try to express these ideas to others who would seek to grasp those skills or ideas we ourselves barely understand.

    Ki is another code word for … “I JUST DON”T KNOW”.

    Yep, just like our use of the word “GOD” is really a code word for our mind not being able to grasp the bigger picture, the things beyond our mind’s grasp, another code word for ” I just don’t know” so too the word Ki is a code word.

    Some people insist they know what all the words mean, but in fact it is the science of the universe we have yet to totally understand, and in fact we may never understand.

    Just be satisfied you have put some things in a general category so that your mind has order, and is not dwelling on any one particular thought.

    Think of this satisfaction as having too many windows open on your computer or having so many windows open you computer is about to shut down.

    You have to close these open windows in your mind so you mind and body can not only think but use the forces around you efficiently!

    Everyone’s human body has a degree of peak efficiency. Practice will confirm your connection of mind and body, and it will also confirm the harmonization of the movements and thoughts used to interact with the world around you.

    IF life and energy are types of Ki we need to define in our mind so we can more efficiently interact with the living world around us, then keep you idea of ki and close those open windows working in the back of your mind so you can become more acutely aware of what you are doing and how the world around you is reacting to what you are doing.

    That …. is the true … connection of the human mind and body to the forces of the world around us, and how we should come to understand ki. We are defining life and the energy we think we see, we encounter, we experience in the world around us.

    It is science but our mind needs another way to interpret it, so we create this category of fantasy until our mind can grasp or understand the science.

    Don’t take this the wrong way … how you organize your mind is important to the way you interpret the sensory data of your body and …. how that body connects to the world around you. Some call it … the Great living spirit … some call it … the breath of God … some call it …. energy … and some call it … ki. The mind is a funny thing evolving and changing as new data, new information, new experiences are encountered. Same phenomena, Same universe, different names and different thoughts for our interpretation of the science of the universe, and the nature of life in that universe.

    I have come to realize … there was a different dominant life-form before human beings, and there will be another life-form after the human race is gone. Each life form will interpret the same science and nature of the universe in their own terms with their own language, their own words, just as some of us are doing in different cultures, in different languages in the world today.

    If we talk, if we study, if we interact with each other long enough …. we will come to a common understanding that reaches across cultural and language barriers. Just don’t get hung up on thoughts/ words that occupy your mind, but learn to categorize things you don’t understand so you can learn to use the forces available around you until there is no thought, just a connection that automatically understands how to use what is available in it’s most efficient form possible for you and what you are capable of doing.

    (End note: I am not someone to call or write to figure out your problem. My mind and body continue to deteriorate from my own disabilities and the natural deterioration of aging. Maybe that is why my mind is reaching conclusions from the data it has gathered and like Steven Hawkin trapped in his body the mind is allowed to think beyond normal thoughts because that it is pushed into overdrive as it realizes the body is dying. Whatever it is, I am not your teacher, your guru. You have to figure things out for yourself. All I am saying is here are some thoughts I have, some clues that work for reach beyond the mystical world of fantasy and pushing these words and thought toward a scientific understanding. Program the mind. Program the body to work more efficiently, to move more efficiently, and to interpret the data / phenomena more accurately, and you won’t need to explain ki … you will know it’s meaning because you ARE it’s meaning. And then … you are on your own to explain what you do to the next set of knuckle-heads who ask … teacher, what is ki? Ya know what I mean?)

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