Best of the blogs: “An inspiration for us all”, by Tobin Threadgill (April 2005)

In 1978 I started training in my first martial art, western fencing. My favorite weapon was the saber. The man who taught me fencing was a decorated Pearl Harbor war veteran, Navy Capt. Hart Kait.

What I remember of my training with Capt. Kait is amazingly clear given the time that has passed. It was always the highlight of my week to sneak away from my studies to go to the Santa Barbara YMCA, fitting a fencing class or two into my tight schedule.

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  1. If you haven’t read the whole piece, please do.

    My fencing master was Julius Palfi-Alpar, coach of the US Olympic fencers in 1960. If it had been Capt. Kait, maybe I would have stuck with fencing.

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