Best of the blogs: The Harmony of Yin and Yang – by Marc Bilson (July 2006)

Aikido is a solitary path that leads to self-realisation. When this occurs you will be at one and in harmony with reality as it is occurring in this moment. The dualistic distinction between a ‘me’ and a ‘you’ will disappear as both concepts are lost in the experience of being in harmony with what is happening in this moment.

Aikido is a path that should lead to this realisation. In true Aiki there is a loss of conflict and an embracing of the unity of the energy as it is happening within the individual moment. The energy that is arising in you and the energy that is arising within another person is recognised as one. These feelings of complete connection leads to the realisation that your essence is also arising within another, therefore you cannot be in conflict because it is the same energy. This awakening connects your essence with the essence of nature and you will recognise it all as an expression of your true being.

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