1024 Henkawaza & Kaeshiwaza Day Seminars (Coming Seminars)

The 1024 Transitions and Counters of Aikido, day Seminars, begin on Saturday 14th March 2009 with IKKYO and will continue, one day each month, over the following 15 months at Katoomba, Australia.

The book: “FOUR DIAMONDS 1024 Basic Transitions and Counters of Aikido,” is based on the content which will be revealed in the seminars. The secret of Transitions (Henka waza) and Counters (Kaeshi waza) is that you do not need to learn and memorize them. All you need to know are the basic kihon waza. Once identified by the body memory in this method of training, the henka and kaeshi flows arise naturally as a result of innate reflex instincts responding to the ki of the moment. The opponent falls into them as a result of his attack or action. Relax and let the technique flow.

This is not a beginner course. You must know the basic Aikido kihon waza to attend this seminar as we will not be slowing down to teach basics. Ukemi will not be required for older/infirm applicants.

Each one day seminar is a separate module and applicants are free to attend one, several, or all seminars.

For more go: 1024 Seminars

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