“Acupuncture and Aikido” by Dunken Francis

“It was purely by chance that a friend of a friend recommended yet another Physio, saying that she had helped with a similar injury. By now I was ready to try anything, so I made an appointment and dutifully rolled up on time, expecting the usual manipulation and ‘Theraband’ rehab exercises. I lay down on the couch and she wiggled my arm around a bit and then said “Hang on, I’ll go get my needles”. “Sorry? I asked. “Needles” said she “You have come for acupuncture I’m assuming?”. I hadn’t, but if there is one thing Aiki teaches you it’s to roll with whatever life serves up. “Errr.. yes. No problem”.

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  1. My experience is that acupuncture is generally effective. If you find a master it is VERY effective. Was lucky enough to be treated by Dr. Lam Kong who was also responsible for establishing acupuncture as a licensed profession in California. Years later he told me that my sempai who were his students were the only two of his students not to complete training and become acupuncturists.

  2. Hi Charles
    I agree that if you are lucky enough to be treated by someone who really ‘understands’ energy flow, the effects can be impressive. I am back training ‘properly’ now for the first time in over a year thanks to the 3 sessions with my acupuncturist – compare this to the 16 weeks of physio, 2 visits to an osteopath and 4 to a chiropractor, and I think you can consider me a convert! My aim now is to discover more about the key energy points and their flow around the body, compare these to the points commonly used in Kiatsu and perhaps see if we can incorporate this into our daily practice.

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