“Use Everything” by Gregor Erdmann

“As we become more comfortable in our skins, and understand or accept the workings of our minds and bodies, we have the chance to let each aspect of ourselves work to its fullest potential. Like the free-moving cogs and parts of a well oiled engine, each has its purpose and attributes. Some parts are made from flexible springs, some are hardened polished steel, others are brittle aluminium. Some parts are susceptible to rust, others are unable to withstand impact, and some are incredibly heavy. For an engine to spin over efficiently, the parts work ‘together’… which at times is purposely against each other.”

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  1. bruce baker says:

    Aerobics is finally dead! Overdone exercises that have damaged the human body must be recognized, as well as diets of improper foods, thoughts of the mind that unbalance he human being as well as set off the chemical imbalance of the human body’s chemistry as well.

    There is a PRICE for the intensity of training and intensity of applying that training into practice. We push the human body far beyond it’s design parameters at times and there will be damage if we don’t know when to stop that extreme application.

    I am sorry, but the often thought-of extremes of application is more often visited with illnesses and shortened life-span, even with constant maintenance.

    What I do know is that we must create the best conditions possible for the human body to heal itself. When we create the best conditions possible for the operation and maintenance of that human body …. that human body is capable of some incredible things! Sometimes the performance of that person may seem super-human in terms of the average person, but then when we compare the same type of machinery operating … sometimes we find one particular motor/machine that seems to run far better than the thousands of others made exactly the same, because that one … is very special.

    No one knows why. It may be the luck of a crankshaft, the metal in the block is just right, and the parts bolted on are just right, but whatever it is, that motor is outstanding compared to all others that appear to be exactly the same.

    Unlike motors, human beings seem to be exactly the same on the surface, but the details of chemistry, genetics, and the way that person thinks as well as trains to maintain that body surely make the difference when we look for details as to why any individual is special.

    My point is … each human body is capable of different levels of skill, different types of skills, and each of us chooses where we will fit in the machinery of human society which is the creation of opportunity for us to develop our natural abilities. Should we try to develop other than our natural abilities we will face the possibility of illnesses, and a shortened life-span based upon the way we integrate the mind with physical capabilities of the body, and apply that training over a long period of time.

    I am saying you can press yourself to higher and higher goals, but when you begin to reach that ceiling for illness or shortening your life-span, recognize you are there ….. back off! I don’t care what anyone else says, what is written as to how someone else gets there, you have to realize that not every human body is capable of incredible feats at incredible levels.

    What are you willing to give up for a few moments of recognition? Your mental sanity? Your health? Your long life-span? Yeah, there are things you do to regain your mental sanity, regain your physical health, add years to you life-span, but I remember the story of John Henry. A mighty man who pushed himself so hard his heart gave out.

    Everybody does it … we have some injury or illness after training beyond your limits, but more often than not we just forget about it! It was nothing, just par for the course, right?

    It is just my opinion, but it is better to let others make up tall tales about what you do, and for you to be healthy in your old, old, old age as you enjoy the years of your life. Figure out what your parameters are for what your body and mind are capable up, and recognize when you reach your particular ceiling. When you are beginning to damage that body and pay the price for that exceptional performance, Stop … go into maintenance mode.

    IF more of us realized we were pushing against that ceiling as we would be paying for it on the other end of our lives, maybe we would take better care of that machine of a human body, mind, spirit, ya know what I mean?

    If you don’t know, TALK someone in their late middle-age to old age, they will tell you. Question is … will you listen?

  2. For most purposes we study our strength. But for every strength there is a complementary weakness. Aikido seems to trace the path between them. Following that path seems to be our challenge.

    Really appreciate the O Sensei quotation. Don’t remember seeing it before.

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