Brian Kagen pick: From the Sacramento Bee: “Notebook: Repelling an attack with the heart”

“The dojo has been attacked, it’s space violated with deliberate force and intention to do harm. Let’s respond to this attack with active, heartfelt Love,” she wrote. ‘Send the dojo love, blessing and light. Send the attacker love, blessing and light.'”

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  1. I admire the owners of the dojo who clearly understand the meaning of “tenkan”. The point is not to clobber the wayward adversary but to deepen our own understanding of ourselves through the processing of how we react to an “atemi”. Great work.

  2. Martial arts work for direct attacks. Indirect attacks are cowardly, but, unsurprisingly, more common. A possible response would be to expand the schedule. Of course many low-lifes work after midnight and except maybe new year’s eve it will be hard to schedule classes to match.

    Once upon a time people were breaking into and burglarizing the dojo where I trained. One of the teachers decided to spend the night and arrested the perpetrators at gunpoint. Just because it is a cliche doesn’t mean it doesn’t work.

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