Happy New Year 2008!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support over the years. 2008 was an exciting and productive year. We are now in our fourth decade of publishing and hope to grow with you for many more years as we walk together down the Aiki Path. On behalf of myself and the staff of Aikido Journal, I would like to wish you and yours a happy and fulfilling 2009!

Stanley Pranin
Editor, Aikido Journal


  1. And also to you Stan, and everybody out there!

  2. Happy and Aiki-Zen 2009 to You Stan!

    Thank You, for the first time after 8 years,
    since one of the articles brought to us all grace to You,
    encouraged me to keep faith in the Aikido I believe in.
    Every year, month, day:

    THE NON-VIOLENCE IN AIKIDO, by Paul Linden or or

    Think globally, act locally; think locally, act globally.

  3. Wow four decades! That’s awesome.
    I can still remember the good feeling I used to get when picking up the Aikido Journal magazine at an actual bookstore.
    Have a Happy New Year Mr. Pranin and the AJ staff.
    May Aikido Journal continue to be the Aiki Hot-Line of 2009.

  4. Congratulations Stanley.

    Without you , I would never had had the informations about Aikido that presentelly I have, and would be unable to put disposable to my students and general public in Brazil for their benefit so much material, as I did , in terms of having a more broader vision of Aikido , its historical documents, photos, articles, films, interviews, etc.

    Brazilian Aikido, at least, is in debt with you ,in my view.

    Much obliged….please keep on.

    Wagner Bull

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