How Aiki News got started

With the launch of our special offer of a free back issue DVD containing all issues of Aiki News/Aikido Journal ever published–more than 4,300 pages–for those who subscribe or renew for two years, we realized that some of the younger folk and newcomers have no idea about the magazine that was published for 26 years.

Well, I wrote an article more than 20 years ago that goes into detail about how Aiki News, which eventually became Aikido Journal, was born back in 1974. Here is an excerpt from that article that will fill you in on the details:

…[T]he initial impetus which eventually led to the publication of AIKI NEWS was my first trip to Japan during the summer of 1969. It was a mere two months after the death of the Founder. I had almost cancelled my plans out of sadness and disappointment at not being able to meet 0-Sensei. I was at that time a lean, impoverished, but eager university student, largely ignorant of Japanese ways. There are those who would question whether or not there has been any fundamental change, but at least it can be said that I am no longer a university student! I remember in my excitement taking a taxi directly from the Haneda airport to Hombu Dojo. Now that’s enthusiasm for you!

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