New DVD: “Aikido no Kokoro: The Heart of Aikido”

“Aikido no Kokoro: The Heart of Aikido” is now available for purchase on! Here’s the link to the page where you can order your own copy of the DVD, or purchase it as a gift for those special people in your life, and have it shipped in time for the holidays:
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The price is $24. You can also buy the DVD in person at Aikido of Santa Cruz.

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“Aikido no Kokoro” is a rich 91 minutes of Motomichi Anno Sensei, Mary Heiny Sensei, Jack Wada Sensei, and Linda Holiday Sensei, at the 2007 Santa Cruz Aikido Summer Retreat. Demonstrations and interviews are beautifully woven together, with an elegant new cover design and an eco-friendly package made from recycled stock. Please help us send out into the world this inspiring Aikido message of harmony and heart!

What people have been saying….
“This is a “must see” DVD. Anno Sensei is a “living treasure.” His spirit exudes love and compassion.”
“This DVD has helped me understand how the principles of Aikido give birth to the techniques we use on the mat.”
“Insightful, wonderful, inspiring!”

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“There is a mysterious and indescribable beauty at the heart of the practice of Aikido, and Aikido no Kokoro: The Heart of Aikido embodies this heart. While you will see plenty of technique in this 91 minute program, the deeper value of “The Heart of Aikido” lies beyond technique. “Aikido no Kokoro” features Motomichi Anno Shihan, 8th degree black belt and head instructor at the Kumano Juku Dojo in Shingu, Japan. He is treasured as one of the few remaining Aikido teachers who studied directly with the founder of Aikido (Morihei Ueshiba Osensei). Anno Sensei expresses the deep teachings of Osensei with heart, humor, and humility, offering to all a powerful model and a message that will continue to inspire long after your first viewing.

“‘Aikido no Kokoro’ also features three other inspiring Aikido instructors, all 6th degree black belts who have been devoted to teaching Aikido in the West since the 1970’s: Mary Heiny Sensei of Seattle, Washington, Jack Wada Sensei of Aikido of San Jose, and Linda Holiday Sensei of Aikido of Santa Cruz. Interviews with these instructors add a personal touch to the inspiration of “The Heart of Aikido.” In addition, this DVD includes excerpts of formal demonstrations by 14 senior Aikido teachers, celebrating the diversity and depth of Aikido. Filmed in July 2007 at the 14th annual Aikido Summer Retreat in Santa Cruz, California, “Aikido no Kokoro: The Heart of Aikido” has been edited down from over 22 hours of footage into a very rich 91 minute experience. Produced by Aikido of Santa Cruz, a non-profit educational organization, “Aikido no Kokoro” is a labor of love; a resource that will continue to inspire your practice for years to come.”

AIKIDO OF SANTA CRUZ, 831-423-8326.


  1. Love the Dvd realy enjoyed the traslation well done Linda & co Thank you Simon

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