Brian Kagen pick: “The Role of Qi in Generating Power” by Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming

“Martial Power, or Jin, can generally be divided into three categories: Hard Jin, Soft-Hard Jin and Soft Jin. Among these, Hard Jin uses the most muscular power, followed by Soft-Hard Jin and finally Soft Jin. But no matter which Jin, in order to manifest maximum power you must have both the strength of the physical body (Yang) and a sufficient supply of smoothly circulating Qi (Yin). “Qi”, which is pronounced Ki in the Japanese arts, is the Chinese word for “energy”, and pertains to all forms of energy in the universe. In martial arts and qigong, it specifically refers to human Qi, the bioenergy or lifeforce within every cell of the human body.”

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  1. bruce baker says:

    Ya know, when you read articles like this, there is actually a scientific basis for all the strange terms devised by the Chinese, but since they did not chemically analyzed the human body with our modern tools they used a holistic approach to describe what they saw or felt in their gut what was the practical way to describe what they thought was going on.

    Many of the holistic descriptions may not be practical from a scientific examination but the results of actions and having the person describe what they thought and felt as they did these actions are about as close as you can get to programming the human mind and body.

    So, when you read about these Chinese terms, realize it is not so much the designation of the terms used, but the perception of both the observer and the participant who have tried to classify with words they understand to their present generations as well as future generations in some type of coded meaning.

    For my money, this is one of the best authors on the subject and he is an invaluable asset to students of aikido, or of any martial arts study.

    Just remember, it not terribly important that you can understand it at first reading, but that through experience and study you will come to understand it’s meaning. Simply put, when you do it enough, and see it enough you will say .. oh … that’s what that term/ word means.

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