“Shu-Ha-Ri”, by Seishiro Endo

From the website of the Aikido Saku Dojo:

“…Even if ‘the forms’ are wonderful, it cannot be helped that there is something everyone does not feel suits them, because each form has been born from different persons who have different qualities, bodies, and basic experiences in life from oneself.

When deepening the learning of forms, naturally difficulties arise. At this point, we may have the desire to break ‘the forms’, destroying the forms we have mastered. This is the stage of ‘Ha’. However, ‘Ha’ is not a long-standing situation, because this action is not supported by the creative spirit. The more the forms break, more we feel emptiness. We find ourselves caught up by ‘the forms’, while we are breaking ‘the forms’. And we want to free ourselves from such captivity, and wish to perform with a truly free mind. When this is achieved, we reach the stage of ‘Ri’.”

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