Brian Kagen pick: From Wikipedia – “Wally Jay”

“Born in Honolulu, Hawaii, he was a student of Seishiro Okazaki the founder Danzan Ryu from whom he received a Certificate of Mastery on 1948-02-22. He trained under Juan Gomez, and Ken Kawachi (Hawaiian judo champion) in the early 40’s. Through his experience, he developed his own system called Small Circle Jujitsu.”

Brian Kagen is an avid web researcher with a particular interest in martial arts. His training background includes both judo and aikido. He has contributed hundreds of article links over the years for AJ readers.

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  1. bruce baker says:

    Wally Jay … what can anyone say? If you have ever met a humble, gentle, kind, and generous teacher who will teach you, and who has no sign of ego or self-aggrandizing .. it is Professor Wally Jay. I have had the joy to train with the Professor, in small seminars one on one. I met Remy Prases in a big three seminar in N.J. but at that time he was ill so his son Leon Jay and George DIllman did the seminar, and I missed truly missed Professor Jay. It is from insights I have gained in training in Small Circle that I expand what I learn in Aikido beyond what we practice in class seeing it’s full potential. If you want to make your AIkido better, ADD SMALL CIRCLE to your list of things to study.

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