Morihiro Saito’s “Traditional Aikido” books back in print!

We are pleased to notify readers that we are now able to offer Morihiro Saito Sensei’s Traditional Aikido books starting with Volume 1, “Basic Techniques” available immediately!

This is a brand-new edition done in the exact style and format of the original books by Saito Sensei that took the aikido world by storm when they were released in the 1970s. These are hardcover volumes made for durability featuring a semi-gloss paper like the originally published volumes.

For years these books have been out-of-print and were sold for hundreds of dollars on sites such as Now you can own this collector’s item in brand-new, mint condition for your aikido library. Volume 2 will be released shortly and an announcement will follow soon. The remaining books of the series–five in total–will be published in succession thereafter.

Click here for more information and to order Traditional Aikido, Volume 1.

Click here for Traditional Aikido, Volume 2 which is also available on a pre-order basis at a special discounted rate!


  1. Well done Stan!!!
    This set of books ranks among the best.
    Nice to see it is available again and I will be recommending it to everyone I know who trains Aikido.

  2. Hi- were these books ever reprinted? I have searched, and have yet to find them.



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