T.K. Chiba Shihan Revisits the Hut Dojo

On October 31st 2008 TK Chiba Shihan met with the three surviving Aikido pioneers of British Aikido at the now internationally famed ” Hut Dojo ” Hillingdon Middlesex UK. Chiba Shihan last visited the Hut Dojo 41 years ago in 1967. Over lunch and a pint of beer in the Hut Pub next door many memories and memorable events were fondly remembered of the illustrious Budo Masters who had visited the Hut Dojo from 1955 as follows – Kenshiro Abbe – T Abe – M Nakazono – M Noro – TK Chiba – Y Kobayashi – H Tada – M Harada – M Otani – T Otani.

These were just some of those great teachers who taught at the humble Hut Dojo. The group photo shows left to right: H. Foster, T.K. Chiba Sensei, D. Eastman, H. Ellis.


  1. Neil Shaw says:

    There is a 4th surviving pioneer not referenced, Sensei Ken Williams who is the Technical Director of the Ki Federation of Great Britain and taught a class as recently as December 2014.

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