“Learning Aikido and Whole Body Memory” by Nev Sagiba

All sustainable learning goes deeper than the intellect. Species learn from survival, and in those that do survive it becomes a preconditioned adaptation variable.

You learn best by responding actively.

Collecting ideas is not learning as such since nothing is known that can be of sustainable use in opinions and beliefs.

I should refrain, but the object lesson is before us in the current global market recession and the failing polar ice caps and other evidence.

Opinion is error.

Fact is fact. It will not change one atom to suit an opinion. On this basis, finding out is preferable to arrogating.

Failure to respond effectively and resisting or fighting energy can be suffering, but it need not be. The universe is all energy and change. A great ocean of it and infinite nuances of it. We can choose to dance if we alter out attitudes.

We don’t have to, but in the end we will yield to the real and let go of futile fantasies if our arrogance as a species does not first destroy us.

When “learning” budo or anything of true and lasting core value, some individuals imagine erroneously that if they can see a video and conceptualize some action it will then work. When it fails they blame everything and everyone and the shadow of a shadow of an art they failed to apprehend.

The form is not the art. Nor are concepts, opinions and ideas about a form. They are mere delusion at best.

To BECOME an art one has to PRACTICE until he drops. When that happens most give up. Those seeking mastery then begin.

And there are many such trials, tests and tribulation on the Way.

Each “wall” is a steppingstone to the true and a barrier to those lacking resolve. Challenge and adversity is food for one seeking mastery and a cause for avoidance for fools who prefer to cling to dead pasts, baubles and false accolades which mean nothing.

Have you ever wondered why it is in TRAINING that the mind opens up a way and understands clearly, more so than thinking about it?

You THINK you’ve forgotten because the intellect is frail, but then someone attacks you and your body simply does the action in perfect timing beyond time and space. And then you THINK you’ve forgotten again because your labels and concepts cant keep up with the true essence of skill. Living skill is channelled from beyond mere opinions.

And then there are those who collect all manner of writings and books and concepts and ideas and opinions and talk enough to raise a fleet of zeppelins and sit on their fat arses opining whilst getting fatter, eating excrement and becoming more effete and weaker by the day, all the while making excuses for failing to face the pain of change.

The friction of change is our only lasting friend, or enemy, depending on how we choose to relate with this most ancient of forces which has got us thus far.

Mastery resides not in opinions but in action. Skilled action repeated till it refines and refines and begins again at a higher level. And then again ad infinitum.

We contain aeons of evolutionary adaptations that hold this dream of consciousness together.

Let us not waste it, for once wasted is gone forever.

Indeed: Mastery is not something that strikes in an instant, like a thunderbolt, but gathering a power that moves steadily through time, like weather.

Nev Sagiba

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