Patrick Parker pick: “Doshu video demonstration”

Here is a new video I found of Doshu Moriteru Ueshiba demonstrating a wide variety of technique. This demo, like many of his previous ones, showcases his superb suwariwaza (kneeling techniques) and his unbelievable lightness of movement on his knees. He also demonstrates some excellent weapons techniques, including an interesting section of jo techniques in which he alternately performs techniques with the stick and the same techniques empty handed.

Sometimes I wonder what it must be like to be the Doshu. This man did not simply learn this art to a high skill level – he inherited the thing from his father (the previous Doshu) and from his grandfather (the founder, Osensei) with the responsibility to preserve it and pass it on into the next generation of the family. I wonder what it is like to have people want to revere you for something over which you have no control (i.e. a hereditary title). My first thought is that it must be a huge ego trip, but humbling at the same time. I figure it must be tiresome.

Have any of you readers ever met this man? Layed hands on him during practice? Talked with him over a beer? What is he like as a man?

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