“Reduce to Simplicity” by Nev Sagiba

This is a principle that works for everything, not just budo.

The word “complex” is a favourite of deceivers why try to manipulate by removing context. Usually a situation is as obvious as it is on first impression. Otherwise, when you pare away the clutter it reduces to the simple key points if real. Or to the ridiculous if fake.

Some try to confound with the idea that there are millions of “moves” in budo.

In fact there is only one move and it can be done in two ways. After that it’s merely variables.

The variables can become a cumbersome burden of chaos unless the simple principle back of them is understood.

This is not to say that regular training is not required. On the contrary, it is essential because the body-mind being malleable requires entrainment to the basic principles via the variables.

That’s the nature of the universe, evolution through adaptation responses.

We confuse ourselves by trying to intellectually understand something we have not experienced based on our other, non-related experiences and thereby not only fall into confusion, but end up going the long way around getting something simple.

That’s why Shu-Ha-Ri is immutable. One of my teachers used to repeat “Don’t think about it, just DO IT!

Later Nike got hold of the second part. But, “just do it” is correct. And keep doing it till you can. Only then will it make sense and you won’t need a pencil and paper to “work things out” or a calculator to “figure it out.”

In other words, come alive.

Reduce to simplicity to find the principle back of complexity. A few key points will lend perspective to a vast array.

Nev Sagiba

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