Brian Kagen pick: “Elusive realism” by Stefan Stenudd

From aikiweb.comWhen I first came across aikido, as a teenager, I was impressed by the genius of its martial art principles — its strategy, if you will. Taisabaki, the evasive movement, would work against the most ferocious charge. Aiki, the joining of forces instead of opposing them, would work against the strongest attacker. To me it was obvious that these principles were the only ones with the potential of leading to a limitless martial art.”

Brian Kagen is an avid web researcher with a particular interest in martial arts. His training background includes both judo and aikido. He has contributed hundreds of article links over the years for AJ readers.

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  1. I thought that you wrote a very practical Aikido article. It touched on areas that many people do not wish to discuss, or, they discuss it in a pristine academic environment.

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