Announcing new blog interface!

We are pleased to inform readers that we are in the process of revamping our blog interface with the installation of WordPress software. We will be integrating a number of new features in this connection in the near future.

One of the most significant changes affecting readers is the fact that commenting on blogs is now open to everyone, whether or not a website subscriber. We hope that this change will stimulate readers to contribute to a greater extent since the blog section of Aikido Journal attracts considerably more traffic than the forum.

If you scroll down to the bottom of a blog you will see a “post a comment” link that opens a text box into which you may insert your remarks. Comments will be reviewed by staff editors and, pending approval, published. Naturally, we request that you exercise good taste, stick to the topic at hand, and avoid personal attacks. Also, please submit your comments in English.

There will be some subtle display enhancements as well as we strive to improve the website. One of these already implemented involves the “Blog” section of the Navigation panel to the upper right of your screen. It now incorporates a flyout menu when you hover over it that groups blogs according to various categories. As older blogs scroll off the screen you can find them neatly organized by category by accessing the “Blog” link.

If you wish to submit a blog for consideration, for the time being kindly email them to aj_staff at aikidojournal dot com.

The new software is very easy to use and highly extensible and we are planning many enhancements in coming weeks.


  1. Well, could you explain where old blog articles are gone ? For example those of Ellis Amdur ?

  2. They’ll be available again later this week via some kind of archive. We’ve been debating whether or not to convert all the old data or simply archive it in its current form.

    Don’t worry, we haven’t thrown away all the old stuff and it’ll be available soon!

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