Aikido Training in Las Vegas: “With consistency there can be progress” by Brandon Clapp

This is the sixth of a series of blogs submitted by aikido students of Aikido Journal Editor Stanley Pranin who are currently training in Las Vegas.

I have been thinking about something that Sensei has said several times now during training, that is we are undergoing a reprogramming. I believe this to be absolutely true since this kind of rewiring is critical to the brain’s development of new neural pathways. What I mean is that when we are doing something new for the first time such as Aikido or playing the guitar or any new activity, for that matter, we are clumsy or slow at first. This is because we have not had sufficient time doing the new activities that will allow our brain to create new neural pathways for faster execution of the particular activity. For those who are just starting aikido who feel like this will never happen for them, think about the last time you drove your car. Did you have to think about specific tasks before you performed them? Did you have to actually think about applying the turn signal before switching lanes? I am confident in saying that you most likely did not have to actually think about such things before performing them. Well the same thing will happen in your training if you give it time and vigorous practice.

This is why I enjoy performing the same techniques over and over again without some sort of consistency it can take longer to have these techniques programmed into you. So the next time you are doing randori and you wonder why (unless specifically asked to do so) you keep doing the same technique over and over again it’s not because you don’t know any other techniques it could likely be that you have to actually think about doing something different which in that type of situation can be very difficult. It all boils down to continuing to train and the progress will come.


The home dojo is located near the South Point Casino and Iwama Aikido is the style practiced. If you live in the area or are a visitor and would like to stop by you may contact us as described below:

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– Write a brief resume of your aikido training background, if any, describe your training goals, mention the area of town you live in, and provide an email and contact telephone number. We will contact each interested person and arrange a meeting to go over our training plans and answer any questions you might have.

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